How many hair normal have to drop out in day

How many hair normal have to drop out in day

Continuous updating of organism is norm. Skin, hair, nails is every minute updated. All skin cells constantly work. The most noticeable process for the person – updating of hair on the head. The question is in when the hair loss meets standard and when it is already worth beginning to worry?

The considerable percent of all mass of hair of the person is in process of telogen or loss. However the number of the dropping-out hair in day strongly depends on that how many head hair and from what their natural pigment. It is considered that at red people the hair are much thicker, than at the others, but at the same time it is much less of them, than, for example, at blondes. Respectively the norm of hair loss for the red person is much lower, than for the blonde. Brunettes are somewhere approximately in the middle.

Do not forget to drink vitamins, very often hair react to lack of useful and nutritious mineral substances of organism.

How many normal does have to drop out hairs?

While at part of hair goes telogen, the rest actively grows. Therefore you should not worry if you have paid attention to the dropping-out hair. There are norms of loss depending on pigmentation of hair. Red people can lose normal up to seventy hairs a day, brunettes - to ninety, and blondes – to one hundred with small. And only hair with bulbs count. If on the "dropped-out" hair of bulb is not present, so it just has broken off. And it can just become sign of deterioration in condition of hair. It can be caused by too rigid wave, the wrong combing or bad selection of the looking after means.

To count how many hair drop out daily, it is necessary to wash up the head, to wait three days, having woken up on the fourth, to collect the hair which have remained on pillow (and it should be taken into account what have small thickening on the end or "bulb"). After that it is necessary to wash up the head, having established to calico in discharge of the bathroom, after washing it is necessary to get hair from calico in plum and to count. Having dried up hair in the natural way, they should be combed usual hairbrush and again to count the number of the dropped-out hair. The sum of these three dimensions will also yield the final result. If he was beyond norm, it is necessary to address the specialist trichologist that that has carried out all important analyses and appointed treatment.

Try to replace shampoo with more suitable. Surely be guided when choosing shampoo by the type of skin.

How to treat hair?

To improve condition of indumentum, it is possible to try to do masks of burdock oil. Oil needs to be applied on the surface of the head for half an hour - forty minutes. It is necessary to do such masks three-four times a week. It is very important to exclude all negative impacts on hair – wave, painting, use of the fixing means and drying by hot air. As a rule, the course of burdock masks lasting few months perfectly influences condition of hair.

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