How many times a month can be done peeling

How many times a month can be done peeling

Peeling persons call the cosmetology procedure thanks to which face skin is cleaned from the keratosic cells of epidermis. After peeling, skin looks healthier and young, besides, the complexion improves, and small wrinkles and roughnesses disappear.


1. There are three main types of peeling: physical, mechanical and chemical. Depending on type of peeling, it needs to be done with various regularity.

2. Mechanical peeling call clarification of the person by means of abrasive particles, do physical peeling by means of the laser and ultrasound, and the chemical peeling is made by means of special enzymes and acids.

3. The peeling can be done in house conditions or in salon. Anyway, it is necessary to choose very carefully appropriate means, being guided by the age and type of skin. Purification of leather can begin to be done approximately since 18, and from 28-30 it becomes just necessary.

4. The simplest type of peeling — mechanical. In large cosmetic shops it is possible to find huge number of srubs and peelings in various price ranges. Always pay attention to structure of the acquired means, select them under type of your skin.

5. It is possible to make means for house peelings, in this case it is simpler to check structure, not to use chemistry and various allergens. Most often as abrasive particles at production of house srub coffee of average grinding is used.

6. If you have fat type of skin, the peeling needs to be done several times a week. Owners of dry type of skin clarification of the person need to carry out some once a month as it is very easy for them to overdry skin. Consider that it is better to do peeling in the evening, before going to bed, as to this period in skin there are recovery processes more actively.

7. It is better to do chemical peeling in beauty shops. There the cosmetologist will pick up the correct chemical composition under specifically your type of skin. The chemical peeling should be done in the early spring or late fall as during these periods the sun is least active. Time in half a year is enough to resort to this procedure.

8. Too it is better to do physical peeling for face cleaning from dead cells in salon though it is possible to find special devices for house use in sale. It is better to pass physical peeling course for month twice or three times a week. This procedure needs to be repeated in several months for fixing of result.

9. The peeling is necessary at face care. Thanks to it, skin keeps healthy look and youth. To pick up ideal means for this procedure, it is the best of all to consult the professional cosmetologist.

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