How most quicker to get rid of warts

How most quicker to get rid of warts

Birthmarks and warts are available on skin for huge number of people and, as a rule, do not bring special discomfort. But if the new growth is rubbed about clothes, bleeds or increases in sizes, it needs to be removed.


1. Address the oncologist that to you have picked up optimum suitable way of removal of warts from skin. Also the expert will examine new growth and, perhaps, will take biopsy to exclude availability of cancer cells. Do not worry, in most cases the histologic research of fabric is necessary only for secure. There are many ways to get rid of birthmarks as soon as possible.

2. Laser removal of warts and birthmarks is considered effective. The procedure lasts literally in several minutes. The expert by means of the special device will burn out new growth. Do not forget to process leather antiseptics which will recommend to you. Healing usually takes place quickly and without complications.

3. The electrothermic coagulation method also practices in modern medicine. Warts are removed by means of high-frequency current. The total absence of blood during the procedure guarantees sterility and the fastest healing of fabrics. But this method is not used for deep removal of warts as after that there can be small hems.

4. Less popular, but effective option quickly to get rid of warts – cauterization by liquid nitrogen. But recently it does not enjoy special popularity. It is connected with the fact that quite often after insufficiently strong freezing of wart it is necessary to repeat everything at first as the new growth is not removed completely.

5. To surgical excision of warts there have to be powerful indications. For example, if the new growth of too big size, is located deeply in fabrics (only small part from above can act).

6. Do not try to get rid of warts by national methods. They not always help, and in certain cases even do harm. Follow advice of the experienced oncologist to avoid any complications. It is especially dangerous to use "grandmother's recipes" if in the place of wart or birthmark there is reddening or consolidation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team