How much is nail extension

How much is nail extension

Nail extension – the procedure which enjoys wide popularity at ladies. It helps to simplify process of care for nails and promotes that manicure can be done one-two times a month. In spite of the fact that today nail extension is made practically in each beauty shop, the price of it remains rather high.

The price of nail extension consists of several different factors. It both the cost of hour of work of the master, and the price of the used materials, and complexity of the performed works. Sometimes in addition the value of manicure which should be done before building is added.

Nail extension under varnish

Nail extension under varnish – the simplest type of building. It is connected with the fact that the nail has no specific design and does not demand drawing drawings, stucco molding and jewelry. Only basic means and the fixing varnishes and gels is used.

It is necessary to consider that such way of building assumes that you should be engaged in nails though less than time in 2-3 days, but nevertheless more often than 2 times a month. It is connected with what varnish can be erased and oblazit.

The cost of such building is from 1000 to 3000 depending on classification of salon. The first option to you will be made in the house-keeper, the second – in luxury salon. Such building, as well as any other, is two types – gel and acrylic. It is possible to choose any option especially as at the price the difference special will not be – the maximum should be added 100-200 rubles for acrylic.

Building service jacket

Nail extension in style service jacket – way not less popular, than building under varnish. It is connected with the fact that the service jacket does legs by accurater, is ideal design both for office, and for reception, and looks most nobly. The service jacket rather easily is carried out – just the brush draws by acrylic paints strip on nail tip. As option, can use acrylic as material for creation of artificial strip on nails.

Sometimes ladies do building service jacket so that white tips too big. It is already not really beautiful, and it is not so noble. It is desirable to keep sense of proportion in this question.

Due to the demand service jacket – quite expensive pleasure. Building service jacket costs from 1500 to 4500 rubles.

Building with volume design

Building with volume design at which the stucco molding or auxiliary material is used like feathers, beads, etc., today promptly loses popularity. There is it because ladies aim at naturalness more. However also those who remain faithful to this direction all the same meet. Here with pricing the situation is a little differently, than in the first two cases. Everything directly depends on complexity of execution of design. So, for example, if the master removes difficult picture on nail brush, it will be more expensive. As a result the cost of works on difficult design on nails varies from 2000 to 6000 rubles for the procedure. It is possible to choose any way of nail extension and very successfully to use it. But it is worth remembering that it is necessary to do still regular correction which assumes full replacement of design of nail. However, in this case the cost of the procedure will be slightly lower.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team