How not to allow obvisany skin at weight loss

How not to allow obvisany skin at weight loss

This question concerns many women from those who else gather or has already begun to grow thin, especially if initial weight rather big. How to warn or try to solve already existing problem?

Why skin droops

The most frequent reason is sharp loss of weight. Usually such situation arises at women after the delivery when on the place of stomach there is skin fold. In risk group there are also women at the age of 45 years and are more senior. It is considered that during this period the premenopauza - the first phase of the coming climax begins. At this time face skin loses smoothness and elasticity, and at weight reduction, first of all, its lower third suffers. Besides, after sharp weight loss it is possible to find excess of leather on shoulders, breast and stomach.

How to grow thin that skin has not drooped

Fortunately, the female body is adapted for change of body weight during life in the lower and greater side, our skin is elastic and can both stretch, and to be reduced (at men with it the situation is slightly more difficult). The main thing to lose weight gradually that integuments have managed to be reduced, without having left the hanging-down folds.

Ideal speed for weight reduction are about 500 g a week, at most - 1 kg. Besides, such slow weight loss will provide more chances that extra kilos will not return back.

What needs to be done to prevent or reduce obvisany skin

It is always simpler to prevent obvisaniye, than to fight against already available skin folds, nevertheless if to apply integrated approach and to observe regularity, it is possible to put even not the not most ideal body in order. So...

  • Any monodiets on buckwheat, kefir and apples - only the balanced diet including necessary amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Give preference to seafood, low-fat meat, vegetables and complex carbohydrates.
  • Lead active lifestyle, whenever possible do fitness. Perfectly tone up occupation body swimming and water aerobics.
  • As house cosmetic procedures try wrappings of problem zones with seaweed and therapeutic muds.
  • Take contrast shower, during the procedure it is possible to mass body bast from loofah.
  • Few times in week it is possible to use coffee srub - apply it on moist body, slightly massage, and then wash away warm water - skin will become smooth and soft.
  • Use the looking after cosmetics for body and face with collagen, naturalna oils (for example, coconut or macadamia), vitamins and hyaluronic acid in structure.
  • Accept nutritional supplements which part are omega-3, alpha lipoic acid, sea collagen with placenta.
  • Pay attention to the interesting procedure which is one of types of baths. It is called phytobarrel. For bigger efficiency it is necessary to complete the course including not less than 10 procedures. Ideally after phytobarrel the massage with oils follows.
  • Good old manual massage which will help to support skin in tone that it remained elastic and elastic.
  • If nothing helps, then it is always possible to resort to the saloon procedures directed to increase in elasticity of skin and also to formation of new collagen: it is RF lifting, SMAS lifting, mesotherapy, elektromiostimulyation and so on.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team