How not to burn

How not to burn

Summer – wonderful time for rest, water procedures and solar bathtubs which revitalize organism and load with energy for all year. Not to get burn, it is necessary to follow rules which first of all concern white-skinned people.


1. Before campaign on the beach take shower, rub off dry skin and apply special cream with the high level of protection against ultraviolet rays (from 30 SPF, also children's lotion will approach). Wait when it completely is absorbed, only after that start acceptance of solar bathtubs.

2. If you for the first time for this season on the beach, choose the place for stove bench far away from water. Sunshine refract that increases suntan. Also wipe body after bathing. At least, it is so necessary to arrive until skin does not get golden shade – then chances to get burn much less.

3. Begin to sunbathe 5 minutes, gradually increasing time up to 10-15 minutes a day. Then have a rest under canopy or cover with light clothes which will help to avoid unpleasant consequences body. Do not forget also about headdress, the face can burn and begin to be shelled too therefore put on wide-brimmed hat.

4. Try not to be on the beach from 12 to 16 o'clock, at this time sunshine are most active that can cause not only burns of body, but also sunstroke. If you very much want to bathe in the afternoon, then after the water procedures you sit down in shadow and do not try to sunbathe – nothing good from this will leave.

5. Approximately a month before beach season visit 2 times a week sunbed. So you not only will avoid obgoraniye in the sun, but also skin will get suntan shade, respectively, you will not be distinguished on the beach from other vacationers with the pallor.

6. If you after all have burned, grease body with the special calming milk or antiburn gel. From national recipes sour cream and grated crude potatoes not bad helps. When skin begins to be shelled, process it srub and you put olive oil to restore elasticity and natural moisture content.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team