How not to burn in the sun

How not to burn in the sun

With arrival of flying the number of persons interested to hold up skin to tender sunshine grows day by day. But in pursuit of fashionable chocolate shade it is important to sunbathe without burns not to do much harm to the health.

It is required to you

  • Sunblock cream.


1. Before campaign on the beach define to what type your skin belongs. Than it is lighter, stay time for the sun has to be that well. Remember that ultraviolet rays make the impact not only in direct contact with skin, also they get through clouds and scattered shadow of leaves of trees therefore completely it is impossible to be protected from them.

2. That skin did not burn, not less than for quarter of hour to exit to the sun it is necessary to apply on it the special protectant. Before it is not recommended to wash in soul with use of detergents as they wash away the natural fat layer serving as additional barrier on the way of sunshine from skin. The factor of protection of the chosen cream is higher, the it is longer possible to be in the sun. But even in this case the first contacts with ultraviolet have to be minimum on duration and not exceed 20-30 minutes. Regularly update the protectant, especially after contact with water.

3. How there was a wish to receive equal suntan at once, you are not in the sun in the period of its hyperactivity, that is in the afternoon. Suntan is natural protective reaction of skin and is formed as a result of production of melanin on which amount the influence has no duration of simultaneous session of suntan. If you are concerned by question of how not to burn in the sun, then it is the best of all to sunbathe in the morning and after 16 hours.

4. Before trip to rest to the warm countries it is desirable to visit sunbed several times. The solar activity in such places is much higher and preliminary preparation of skin will help to avoid burns.

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