How not to gain weight after rigid diet

How not to gain weight after rigid diet

The dream has come true – you have lost weight and have found desired symmetry. However to relax and return to former diet early. The most interesting – work on fixing of the received result begins. Not to gain weight after rigid diet, it is necessary to completely change eating habits and way of life.

Food after diet

If after diet to return to usual diet, you will gain not only the lost weight, but also two-three of additional kilograms. Reconsider the diet in favor of fresh and useful products – vegetables, fruit, low-fat meat, fish, dairy products, porridges, etc. Eat more often – 5-6 times a day, but in the small portions. After 16 hours – only proteinaceous products and not starchy vegetables. From time to time arrange fasting days on cottage cheese, apples or kefir.

To learn to control the volume of food and not to overeat, try to follow the following rules: - get enough sleep;

- get up because of table with slight feeling of hunger; - drink not less than 6 glasses of water a day; - use more spices and greens, but it is less than salt; - carefully chew food and enjoy each its piece; - refuse the fat-free products and sweeteners – if food does not saturate, the organism constantly demands still; - forget about additives; - eat from ware of cold shades – blue, lilac, dark green.

However moderate food does not exclude gastronomic pleasures at all. Follow example of Frenchwomen and learn to derive pleasure from very small portions of favourite dishes. Besides, try to regale not on pizza and pies, but capers, gherkins, hard cheeses, dry red wine, quality dark chocolate. You will understand soon that it is better to eat slightly useful bitter chocolate and to keep ideal parameters, than to swallow shot glass of pancakes, but then to find increase in weight. Avoid temptation to reward itself something sweet or to jam troubles. It is possible to indulge himself with purchase of the new order, spirits or shoes, visit of cinema, travel. From troubles distract by means of sport, long foot walks on the park, meetings with friends, new impressions.

Physical activity

For maintenance of body in good shape it is necessary to play sports. In the flying sufficient physical activity will be provided by run, driving the bicycle or rollers, the Scandinavian walking. In cold season it is possible to go to gym, to fitness, dances or yoga. Register in occupations strip plastics or oriental dances – so you not only support body in tone, but also you will be able to please darling with private show.

Completely update clothes

Psychologists recommend to the lost weight women to get rid of things which to you became big. New dresses will hold you in shape – it is worth gaining couple of kilograms and they will become small. Besides, nothing so pleases the woman as new things. And the more you will get pleasures from life, the it is easier to keep symmetry.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team