How not to recover when feeding by breast

How not to recover when feeding by breast

a rule, during pregnancy the female figure suffers less, than during breastfeeding. All this because at incubation of the child there is a wish more for some proteinaceous food as the organism needs construction material for creation of the little man. And after the delivery it is not required any more and there is a wish more sweet and farinaceous food. Therefore some feeding mothers, following the desires, get fat. That it has not occurred, it is necessary to eat properly.


  1. After the delivery some women fall into deep depression not only because of unusual rhythm of life (lack of personal time, sleep debt, the child's whims), but also because of the figure. And instead of to correct something, they on the contrary, jam bad mood sweet cakes. It is impossible to do it at all.
  2. During feeding of the child breast some women very much want the dairy products necessary for completion of reserves of calcium in organism. However there are also unhealthy dairy products. Refuse consumption of cheeses of fat grades and also bread. They not only promote set of weight, but also interfere with normal chair of the kid. Give preference to cottage cheese and milk better.
  3. At first after the delivery the woman has some milk. Relatives and friends can advise to drink more liquid, but also it is necessary not to go too far in it. Remember that development of breast milk depends on that, how often you feed the kid. Do it in the free mode, and then you will have with it no problems.
  4. Use only healthy and useful products which contain the minimum quantity of fat and artificial additives – fragrances, preservatives, dyes, etc.
  5. Initially forget about chocolates, cakes, condensed milk not only for the sake of the figure, but also for the sake of health of the child – they can cause allergic reactions or problems with digestion.
  6. Divide the day diet into such number of meals, how many times you put the kid to breast. Eat often, but in the small portions. Do not overeat. After a while you will understand that even when feeding the child breast it is possible to eat properly and to have beautiful and slim figure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team