How not to recover with age

How not to recover with age

Approximately after 30-35 the metabolism slows down. It leads to the fact that people, even not inclined to completeness, can recover. To keep figure at mature age, it is necessary to watch food and to lead mobile life.


1. Moderate food and sport – to stabilize weight, have not thought up the best yet. At the age of 30-40 the diet needs to pay special attention. At the menu there have to be low-calorie tasty dishes with the minimum content of fats and fast carbohydrates.

2. Will help to keep weight after 30 fractional food and observance of the mode. Eating food at the same time, it is possible to adjust without effort organism on continuous burning of calories and also to improve digestion.

3. To reduce portions, it is necessary to eat twice more slowly, than you have got used. It is psychologically difficult to pass to smaller quantity of food at once. Therefore, having put half-portions on plate, prolong pleasure at least for 15 minutes. Then get up because of table for 15 minutes and be engaged in any distracting business. If after this time you are still hungry, can eat a half more from already eaten amount of food.

4. It is not so difficult to keep figure at mature age if the nobility of the rule of compatibility of products. The proteins and carbohydrates eaten together give double load of digestion and are often laid in the form of excess weight. Therefore you should not use pasta and potato with meat, and sausage with bread. It is better to eat piece of chicken with vegetables, and to fill spaghetti with tomato sauce.

5. Nutritionists are sure, artificially created deficit of 700-800 calories a week will help to stabilize weight. That is in day it is necessary to refuse only 100 excess calories. For example, from one cake or additional ball of ice cream. In general after 30 no more than 50 g a day are recommended to be content with portion of dessert.

6. Besides, it is necessary not only to refuse overeating, but also to regularly burn calories. To keep weight after 30 flyings, it is necessary to spend in addition 2000 calories a week. These are four classes in 500 kcal or daily trainings in 300 kcal.

7. It is regularly also necessary to be stimulated metabolism. It is necessary every morning to food within 15-30 minutes to carry out one of the following actions: to ride bicycle (exercise bike), to go on ladder up and down, to run on the hilly area, to dance, jump intensively on jump rope. Also since morning it is possible to be engaged bodifleksy which accelerates metabolism and adjusts organism on full digestion of food.

8. You remember, sports activities have to be regular, but not tiresome. Work at full stretch will result in the constant shortage of energy and strengthening of appetite.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team