How not to sunbathe in the flying

How not to sunbathe in the flying

Moderate influence of sunshine is useful and it is even necessary for healthy organism. But the surplus of the sun can do big harm to health and beauty. Skin prematurely grows old, becomes rough and flabby. The risk increases to develop skin cancer. With diseases of thyroid gland or with tumoral processes it is simply contraindicated to people to sunbathe. Therefore it is necessary to know how to be protected from undesirable solar influence.

It is required to you

  • - sun-protection cosmetics for skin and hair;
  • - light clothes with long sleeves;
  • - headdress with fields;
  • - sunglasses.


1. Use sun-protection means for skin which are capable to reflect harmful sunshine. Each means has protection coefficient. It is designated by the letters SPF and figures, for example, of SPF-15. Children and people with light skin need to use only means with high factors of protection, from SPF-30 above. Buying sun-protection means, surely pay attention to expiration date. Plentifully grease with cream open sites of skin in 15-20 minutes prior to exit to the sun. You put new portion of cream after each bathing. Pay special attention to nose, cheekbones, lips, ears, shoulders, breast and knees - usually these places sunbathe the first.

2. Do not neglect sun-protection cosmetics on hair care. They suffer from influence of the sun too. Do not plan coloring and hairdressing for summer, as seldom as possible use the hair dryer. Being in the open sun, always hide hair under headdress.

3. Try not to be in the sun in the period of intensive radiation - from 11 to 16 o'clock. If you on the beach, always choose places with umbrella, or settle down in dense shadow of trees. After bathing surely be dry wiped by towel as the drops which have remained on body act as tiny lenses and can provoke burn.

4. Give preference to spacious light clothes which close the main part of body. If walk under the scorching sun cannot be cancelled, stock up with sunshade. Protect eyes qualitative sunglasses, do not save on the health.

5. Use for the night cream with vitamin C, it will prevent emergence of pigmental spots. Limit intake of streptocides, tetracyclines, diuretics and antihistaminic medicines. Refuse for the summer period oral hormonal contraceptives. All these medicines considerably increase sensitivity of skin to the sun.

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