How not to wrinkle forehead

How not to wrinkle forehead

The habit to wrinkle forehead is one of the most common causes of appearance of early wrinkles. To prevent formation of folds on skin, it is necessary to learn to relax face muscles, to seize the mimicry and to cease to wrinkle forehead. How to make it?


1. You watch look. At first constantly look in mirror – as soon as on forehead there was wrinkle, relax and smile. You have no opportunity to be looked in mirror - touch with fingers forehead in that place where you often have fold, and relax face muscles.

2. On sunny days do not forget to take sunglasses. If not to protect eye from the sun, you will squint all day, and by the evening on forehead the deep vertical wrinkle will surely be shown.

3. Regularly do the massage promoting relaxation of muscles of forehead. Apply nutritious cream to skin and finger-tips 1-2 minutes stroke forehead from nose bridge to roots of hair, and then – to temples.

4. From vertical wrinkles on nose bridge do the following exercise: index and middle fingers press on that place where eyebrows begin. Then begin to frown, and do not allow to be formed by fingers to folds. Relax. Repeat 5-6 times.

5. To be disaccustomed the small cunning will help to frown to you. Being at home, paste adhesive plaster piece on forehead. As soon as you begin to wrinkle forehead, you will feel it. Approximately in month of trainings of muscle of your forehead will get used to be in the weakened state constantly.

6. Make injection of Botox or disport. This procedure will temporarily relax muscles of forehead and will smooth wrinkles. You will not be able to wrinkle forehead after the first prick about half a year. After the second procedure the effect lasts longer – about a year. It is possible to make injection practically in any beauty shop. Minuses of this procedure in its high cost and probability of appearance of bruises.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team