How often it is necessary to wash the head

How often it is necessary to wash the head

Washing of hair - compulsory procedure for curls of any length. And though people wash the head, since the birth and till the old age very few people think of how it is correct to do it. The wrong washing can lead to the fact that hair will look not in the best way.

There is opinion that frequent washing of the head leads to the fact that hair begin to be soiled quicker. Experts claim that it is necessary to do it as often as they demand that, that is in process of their pollution.

Normal healthy hair should be washed 1–3 times a week. Fat curls differ in the fact that on their roots and on all length large amount of skin fat which slows down growth of hair accumulates. From this fat they look dim, have grease gloss and untidy appearance. Such hair should be washed daily. But daily washing can overdry head skin that will be, in turn, the reason of even more intensive office of skin fat.

Dry hair, on the contrary, differ in insufficient production of skin fat. From it they become brittle, easily break. Dry hair can be by nature or as a result of aggressive impact on them (frequent coloring and blondirovaniye, chemical wave, the wrong leaving). It is not recommended to wash such hair more often than once a week. Frequent washing moreover with improper shampoo, can worsen condition of hair even stronger. But it is necessary to understand that to go to bed when on hair large amount of varnish, mousse and other laying means, is very harmful to their state. All this chemistry and the street dirt which has stuck to it complicate breath of hair and get inside into structure, destroying it. Therefore it is necessary to choose from two evils smaller, namely, to wash up hair from the remains of laying means. Often, asking question of that how often it is possible to wash hair, people mean how often it is possible to style hair phenom. Here experts say that it is not necessary to abuse it when drying hair. Hot air has negative effect on structure of curls. And though now the set of means which can protect from influence of hot air is issued, it is recommended to dry hair phenom with use of the cold mode and to keep the hair dryer at arm's length not less than 40 cm from hair. Earlier frequent washing of hair was not recommended for the reason that shampoos contained many aggressive washing substances. Now the means intended especially for frequent application which can be used every day are issued.

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