How often it is possible to straighten hair the iron without harm for hair

How often it is possible to straighten hair the iron without harm for hair

When unruly hair, is constantly beaten out from hairstyle, is fluffy, it is possible to correct situation by means of the iron for hair straightening. At the same time it is necessary to show consideration very much for the choice of the device not to do much harm to itself.

Range of irons

To reduce potential aggressive impact, it is necessary to choose the iron correctly. The most important is material of which its plates are made. Safety of hair straightening depends on it directly.

Plates from metal strongly injure hair therefore it is possible to use such device not more often than four times a month, is excluded to use it every day.

Ceramic plates more make thrifty use of hair. Irons reckon as quite good for house use with such covering and belong to the middle price range. Almost not doing harm to health of hair, plates with tourist's crimson and ion-ceramic covering are the most qualitative. Such devices are considered as professional and therefore they are more expensive. It is very convenient if the iron has temperature regulator because it is necessary to straighten hair of various length at various temperature condition. Bang – at the sparing temperature, other hair - higher.

Features of hair straightening iron

More often than two times a week the thermal hair straightening is dangerous. It is possible to damage very strongly structure of hair, and they will become faded and will begin to become thinner. It is very useful to use the special thermoprotective equipment designed to protect hair, especially if they are dry and fragile.

To create volume hairstyle, it is necessary to straighten only external locks and the ends of hair. In that case volume remains and the smoothness is given to hair.

Before straightening it is necessary to wash hair as dirt and the remains of various means for laying will lead to hardening of hair that is very harmful to their health. If opportunity to wash up the head is absent, then temperature condition should be chosen the most minimum. It is not recommended to level moist hair, at the same time they are injured also instead of smooth and silky, hair will turn out lifeless and thinned. When using thermoprotective equipment, it is necessary to wait for their full drying or to dry up phenom.

It is necessary to straighten hair, having divided them into small locks on width, equal to iron width. The lock is less – the effect is better.

It is not necessary to hold long time the iron on one place, the risk is very high to burn hair. There are enough several smooth movements from top to down. Later it is possible to use varnish for fixing of result. If hair after all were injured, it is necessary to stop using the iron for some time and to carry out therapy by means of various restoring masks for hair.

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