How quicker to grow eyelashes

How quicker to grow eyelashes

It is possible to accelerate growth of eyelashes by means of folk remedies. Of course, you will not reach effect "as in advertizing" because it is possible only when building. Eyelashes can grow only by 10-30%, proceeding from initial length. Moreover, 1-2 months can be required.

  • Essential oils, vitamin A and E, juice scarlet, oil extracts of medicative herbs, castor oil, rum, burdock oil, medicative herbs, cotton pads.

1. Prepare oil mix for growth of eyelashes. Take bottle from under the used ink and carefully wash out from residues of cosmetics. Mix 2 teaspoons of base oil with vitamin A or E. Takzhe you can add juice scarlet or oil extracts of medicative herbs. Take almond oil as basis, but it is allowed also peach, wheat germs, sea-buckthorn or grape seeds. You store the received means in side door of the fridge. Daily you apply oil mix on eyelashes, carefully combing.

2. Regularly do masks. On structure they are similar to oil mix. Difference only that it is impossible to leave castor and burdock oil on eyelashes for long time, especially for the night at all. Otherwise in the morning you risk to get up with the swelled-up eyes. There are several main recipes of masks: - rum and castor oil in proportion 1:1; - rose and castor oil in proportion 1:1; - castor and burdock oil in proportions 1:1, several drops of vitamin E and juice scarlet. Put mask by means of Q-tip or brush from ink and leave for 30-40 minutes. Then wash warm water.

3. Several times a week do compresses of broths of medicative herbs: flowers of camomile pharmaceutical, centaurea, calendula or coltsfoot. In the enameled capacity pour out 1 tablespoon of dry raw materials and pour 1 glass hot water. Put on fire and boil within 15 minutes. Then cool and filter broth through gauze, wring out the rest. Moisten cotton pads, it is one eye better to take 2-3 at once. Put compress on eyelids and leave for 20 minutes. After this time remove cotton pads and let's eyelashes dry out naturally. Apply oil mix.

4. Every evening massage eyelids. You can use various cosmetic oils at the same time. So, small pillows of ring fingers press external corners of eyes. Pointed movements move to internal corner. In the same way massage upper eyelid. Repeat actions several times.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team