How quicker to grow hair and to make them healthy

How quicker to grow hair and to make them healthy

Long hair – luxury presently. The bad ecology, stresses, sometimes even excessive leaving spoils our hair, does them weak and fragile. Often the problem is in daily leaving so, that who wants healthy hair – surely to reading. Actually, in hair care there is nothing difficult and costly.

Straightening of tips. At those who want to grow very quicker hair nothing will turn out if not to shear the ends of times at least once in 3 months (as at most). Why so it turns out? Your hair stop in growth only because tips break off. To keep your length, it is necessary to cut off fragile tips that they did not break further, otherwise there will be just vicious circle: you do not cut off tips, they break, length does not grow, because of it you do not cut off tips, they break even more, length still does not grow and so indefinitely.

Food and moistening. This rule is known by all, but nevertheless for some reason often neglect. Our hair, as well as organism in general, need useful substances. Therefore, choosing oil or shampoo for hair care, do not forget to read structure and adhere to the most natural goods.

Use balm. After washing of hair, shampoo, as we know, washes away all natural oils, balm on the contrary, humidifies, creates protective layer and softens hair.

Washing process. Even in soul there are several rules:

  1. Water has to be warm, but is not hotter.
  2. Before putting shampoo, make foam it in hands, so you damage to structure of hair less.
  3. Do not scratch nails head skin at all, mass gently, accurately. Relax and derive pleasure.
  4. Rinse with cool water, it stimulates growth of hair.
  5. It is not necessary to pound hair towel quicker to dry up, the structure of hair because of it is only broken.
  6. If you go after shower with towel on the head, then only 15 minutes, are no more. Otherwise you risk to overdry head skin.

And finally - there are less hair dryers and irons. It is difficult, of course, but for the sake of healthy hair it is possible sometimes and to refuse electric devices.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team