How quicker to sunbathe in sunbed

How quicker to sunbathe in sunbed

Unfortunately, opportunity to go to the warm countries is given not every year to luxuriate under the scorching sun and to enjoy much sea breeze. In the conditions of the megalopolis it is necessary to manage sunbed to receive equal beautiful suntan which wants to get as soon as possible.

Before campaign in sunbed it is necessary to take shower and to purify leather from cosmetics. It will give the chance to ultraviolet rays more intensively to influence epithelium.

This procedure needs to be carried out several hours prior to suntan session, otherwise you risk to burn that will not well affect your skin and the general health.

Decide on sunbed type. In "lying" sunbeds lamps are combined with A- and B-radiation, i.e. suntan will be shown not only quickly enough, but also will long keep on skin. These models are equipped with the special air conditioning system, there is audio system so, sunbathing, you will be able to listen to favourite music.

Before plunging into the pleasant, weakening atmosphere, be convinced that the sunbed is clean and disinfected. It is the best of all if the employee of salon carries out this procedure on your eyes.

Also there are vertical sunbeds which have advantages: they are quite powerful therefore you should not abuse ultraviolet - the session should not exceed 10 minutes. In respect of hygiene they it is more convenient - you should not adjoin to their surface.

For strengthening of suntan choose sunbed with new lamps - only in that case it is possible to expect resistant deep suntan.

Aiming to darken, do not forget about means of protection - hat on the head, goggles and, of course, stikin on nipples and large birthmarks. After the procedure it is not necessary to take shower within two hours - let's suntan be fixed on skin.

There was now new function - sunbed with shower. Moisture attracts ultraviolet stronger, and the shade leaves more natural.

If you want to sunbathe quicker, then do not refuse special means which are on sale immediately, in salons - cream, lotions, oils. They contain activators and accelerators of production of melanin in organism. These means promote obtaining deeper suntan, reducing stay duration in cabin that is important for health of your skin. There are special drops - Vetoron, they can be bought in any drugstore. The main component which is their part - the beta carotene influencing fast manifestation of suntan. Drops it is necessary to drink instructions, and the result will not keep itself waiting long. Quicker some food help to sunbathe. In this list carrots and carrot juice - catalysts of release of melanin are in the lead. Also peaches, melon, tomatoes, broccoli increase suntan.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team