How quickly to bleach teeth

How quickly to bleach teeth

white teeth are the key to attractive smile. Therefore the procedure of their bleaching becomes very popular in the modern world. Stomatologists do it quickly and without serious consequences, and the result exceeds all expectations.


  1. It is possible to remove the appeared yellow raid from white teeth by means of ultrasonic cleaning of oral cavity. This procedure is absolutely safe for enamel. As a result you will get rid not only of raid, but also of scale. To maintain effect, to you will enough alternate pastes to various content of active components. Or once a week to clean the appeared raid by means of brush and the activated carbon crushed in powder.
  2. One more fast and harmless technology of bleaching of teeth is called Air Flow. Closely to teeth the doctor brings small nozzle which under the influence of pressure leaves air and abrasive stream with fine powder on the basis of sodium bicarbonate. Thanks to this particle flux, enamel is purified from any kinds of pigmentation. It is not recommended to use this method to patients with diseases of respiratory system and also in the presence of allergy to citrus as powder has lemon taste.
  3. Professional Zoom-bleaching is carried out by impact on teeth by light beam with certain length of radiation. At first apply special gel from which there was name of method on enamel. It on quarter consists of hydrogen peroxide. Under light influence temperature of gel increases, promoting release of oxygen which gets into enamel and bleaches it. After the procedure the doctor impregnates the surface of teeth with fluorine for their strengthening. On average, in such a way it is possible to achieve clarification on five-seven tones.
  4. During laser bleaching the doctor lights each tooth with the applied gel separately that yields the maximum result, thus effect of chemical and the laser on pigments is combined. After preventive drawing on enamel of fluorinated paste you will be allowed to go home.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team