How quickly to change – 7 easy ways

How quickly to change – 7 easy ways

the spring when the nature wakes up and blossoms after hibernation, each woman also aims to look and feel more young, is fresher and it is more beautiful. But neither time, nor means is very frequent for radical change of the image not enough. And then small modifications in make-up, hairstyle and clothes allow to reach desirable effect.

  1. Begin coloring shampoo with hairstyle. For this purpose use coloring shampoo. Advantages of its use are that it does not paint hair considerably, and only for some time gives interesting shade. In addition will effectively hide gray hair and the grown roots of hair, will add gloss and in general will provide to hair well-groomed look. 
  2. Hair parting on other party the hair parting on other party will help to Add highlight in hairstyle. Avoid parting in the middle as it will visually extend nose and demands ideal symmetry of the person.
  3. Accessories Stop the choice on bright scarf, belt, gloves. Large and bright accessories will make impression of the updated clothes. 
  4. Bright lipstick If people around from your image had had image of gray mouse, then it is urgently necessary to change lipstick. Bright red lipstick is guarantee for hundred percent that you will be instantly noticed and will allocate from crowd. Besides on its background the teeth seem is more white. But it is possible to stop the choice on less bright shades like Mocha or wine.
  5. Make-up for eyes the Rich gray and black colors around eyes can visually age. Alternative it – pencils and eyeliners of blue and green shades. Proteins on their background seem brighter that once again will emphasize color of your eyes.
  6. Glamourous manicure Change shape of nails and instead of boring and predictable French manicure make up nails in bright and fashionable color. People around will instantly notice and by all means will approve it.
  7. Remember heels high heels which visually extend leg and slim figure. The femininity to your image will be added by not only height of heel, but also the pointed footwear sock.

Be not afraid to experiment. Follow example of the nature which is constantly updated. And in our modern world when everything changes with lightning speed around, it is just necessary to transform the image.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team