How quickly to clean face

How quickly to clean face

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For maintenance of face skin in healthy and fresh state it is necessary to clean it from decorative cosmetics and pollution every day. Quickly it is possible to remove make-up or dirt by means of special cosmetics.


1. Use cosmetic soap. Similar washing will help to get rid of skin pollution. You watch closely the feelings. Use of soap should not cause feeling of tightness and discomfort.

2. If you have very dry or inflamed skin, refuse soap better. It is better to buy special cleansing oil for washing. Put several its drops on face. Then sprinkle it water and make foam. Under the influence of means the milk emulsion with extraordinary gentle texture is formed. It will perfectly remove residues of cosmetics and any pollution. Wash away means after use usual warm water.

3. Delete make-up by means of cosmetic milk with the fat content of 20-30%. Thus, you without special work will remove dirt and particles of decorative cosmetics. Apply means to skin and evenly distribute on all surface. Then remove by means of napkin.

4. Use milk for washing in a different way. Put it on face and wash away means together with make-up warm water. At the same time do not apply the additional cleaning resources.

5. Wipe face with lotion. For this purpose apply liquid on cotton pad or napkin and remove all pollution from the surface of skin. Do not forget that as a part of lotions there is alcohol. Its percent in similar means can be miscellaneous. So, to owners of oily skin lotion with the content of alcohol of 15-25% is necessary, for women with the withering or dry skin - no more than 6-8%.

6. For washing use skin. Put a little funds for wet face, make foam and wash away warm water. So you remove all pollution from skin. The skin can be replaced with emulsion. It differs in the fact that in its structure there is more fat. This nuance is provided for people with dry and highly sensitive skin.

7. Put a little gel on face and make foam it water. Wash away the received plentiful foam. Gel will well purify skin. Thanks to the low-fat texture it will be suitable for people with any type of skin.

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