How quickly to collect hair

How quickly to collect hair

For creation of daily, but elegant hairstyles on hair of different length two main technicians – fixing in tail and twisting around or verticals are used. After several trainings all process will take no more than 3-5 minutes.


  1. Separate one lock in the lower part of the head behind. Collect other hair in tail, record thin and strong elastic band. Raise unused curl, process small amount of wax. Wrap lock around elastic band several times, remove tip under tail and fix by the invisible being. In such a way you can collect nape hair, on the top or sideways, to issue hairstyle on the Malvina type.
  2. Collect hair in tail at the level of the middle of ears. Put lace or thin satin ribbon in half. Enter the formed loop from below up into space between the surface of the head and elastic band so that on both sides from tape there was approximately identical number of hair. Place tail in bend, pull for tips down. Hair on each side from elastic band form peculiar rollers. After that it is possible to braid braid or to leave as is.
  3. Comb hair, raise them hand at the level of nape. Twirl them in the direction down that in the middle of the head the vertical roller was formed. Holding the ends with one hand, another record hairstyle hairpins. If unruly hair, previously throw them on one party, vertically pin up them several invisible beings on the center of the head. Twirl roller. Hairpins you fix under invisible beings. For creation of volume on darkness, it is possible to comb hair before creation of hairstyle. Wind the ends.
  4. Record hair in the tail strong elastic band. Divide them into two locks, approximately equal on volume, apply with longitudinal movements on everyone small amount of wax. Twirl curls that the plait was formed. Holding tips with one hand, create bunch, having several times twisted hair around elastic band. Pin up on hairpin perimeter if they badly keep, use the small trick described in step 3.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team