How quickly to do hair on short hair

How quickly to do hair on short hair

Even on short hair it is possible to make different types of hairstyles which will suit you. At the same time, along with laying which demands a lot of time and forces there are hairstyles which can be made independently and very quickly.

It is required to you

  • - hair dryer;
  • - mousse, gel or wax for laying;
  • - nippers for hair;
  • - round brush;
  • - hairpins.


  1. Lay to hair depending on hairstyle. Apply small amount of mousse for laying on hairstyle of style of caret and twist hair the ends outside and inside by means of the hair dryer and round brush. The first option will be suitable for narrower face, and the second - for wide or round. It is also possible to diversify hairstyle with original hair parting, for example, zigzag. If locks at the person disturb you, pin up them invisible beings or other small hairpins. For official situation it is the best of all to select neutral accessories, for example, under hair color. Bright hairpins will be suitable for evening hairstyle.
  2. For hairstyle bean make the following laying: apply on hair wax for laying and dry up them, raising at roots. For this purpose it is possible to use special nozzles for the hair dryer with the diffuser for giving to splendor hair. After that make hair parting in the middle of the head.
  3. Use spray for laying. For this purpose apply it on roots of hair, and then comb hair round brush, at the same time drying up their phenom. Nippers for hair process tips so that they kept together.
  4. Do from short hair hair with bang. For this purpose apply on them spray or mousse for laying and dry up locks, stacking them so that the most part was from right or on the left side of the head. Such hairstyle will suit owners of hair not more long than the line of chin, otherwise the improvised bang will begin to disturb. Its support by small flat hairpin can become the decision.
  5. Experiment with hair color. Good option can become special hair mascara which is applied very quickly and unlike the real paint is easily washed away.
  6. Style short hair plumelets. For this purpose their ends should be greased with gel for laying. Consider that such hairstyle demands certain skills, and it can turn out careless performed by the beginner.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team