How quickly to dry up varnish

How quickly to dry up varnish

Beautiful manicure will instantly make hands well-groomed. Not striking shades, and for the evening – bright or dark colors will be necessary for you for work. That frequent manicure did not become problem and brought only pleasure, varnish needs to be dried up quickly. Then process of painting of nails at certain skill will occupy no more than half an hour.

It is required to you

  • - solvent for varnish;
  • - liquid for varnish removal;
  • - drying in drops or spray;
  • - upper covering with effect of fast drying.


1. Before coating application degrease nail plate, having wiped it with liquid for removal of varnish without addition of oils. If you remove varnish means with oils, wash up hands with soap, carefully wipe them and wait for full drying of nails. Do not use creams. On moist or fat nails varnish it is bad to lay down and does not dry.

2. If varnish has thickened, it will be impossible to achieve fast hardening of covering. Dilute it with special solvent. Add several drops to bottle and rub it between palms. It is desirable to repeat the procedure before each manicure.

3. Without gleams to be necessary for creation of opaque uniform covering 2-3 varnish coats. Before drawing new layer carefully dry previous, otherwise the brush will leave strips. Begin covering with little finger of the left hand, finish with thumb right. After that you can put the second layer according to the same scheme.

4. The three-layer covering needs to be dried fully. Use the special means allowing to fix fresh varnish as fast as possible. Choose between spray, oil drops and covering in the form of transparent varnish.

5. If not to be pleasant to you the thick film on nails, use spray drying. Spray means over svezhenanesenny varnish and wait for 7-10 minutes. After drying try not to touch firm surfaces within half an hour. Do not button clothes and footwear, do not put on rubber gloves – it can damage fresh varnish.

6. Will quickly dry up manicure and special oil drops. The bottle is equipped with the brush or the pipette allowing to dose precisely liquid. On nail one drop of means will be required. It does not need to be smeared – oil itself will be distributed on plate. Drying varnish, do not work on the computer and do not thumb through the book – on pages and the keyboard there will be fat spots. In 10-12 minutes check hardening of covering, carefully wash up hands and blot them with towel.

7. The drying performing protective functions is very convenient. It is put as usual varnish, and creates the thin, brilliant, instantly drying film on the surface of nail. Look for means with mark "express" - after its drawing the surface of nail becomes firm in 1-2 minutes. You put covering with thick layer. Every other day it can be updated to give to manicure fresh look.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team