How quickly to gain weight to the girl

How quickly to gain weight to the girl

Perhaps, the most topical issue for women is weight reduction today. In this regard nutritionists have developed many programs, however, the question of fast set of weight is represented not less important problem. It is clear, that all "recipes" for increase in body weight are based on more high-calorie food, accumulation of muscle bulk. But also there are enough nuances which should be known that process of set of weight was not only effective, but also useful.


1. Your food has to be not just caloric, but healthy. Otherwise the diet you only do much harm to yourself and the figure. Do not abuse too greasy food, increase portions of usually accepted dishes better. Use more high-calorific products: milk (3.5% of fat content), sour cream (25% of fat content), cream.

2. For breakfast cook milk porridges with butter. Use more flour products (cakes, gingerbreads, cakes, white loaf, pasta), washing down them with milk or hot tea and also potatoes, sugar and various sweets (chocolate). Fill salads with vegetable, olive or soy oil. Eat not less than 4-5 times a day with small identical intervals between meals.

3. Also such fruit as bananas, melon, apricots, peaches will help to gain weight to you. Arrange yourself small having a snack between the main food, for example, the portion of ice cream can not only improve mood, but also give energy necessary for your organism.

4. To avoid formation of so-called "beer tummy", visit the gym not less than 3 times a week. Develop the special program of physical exercises for increase in muscle bulk together with the instructor. Occupations with weights (for example, dumbbells) will help you with it. They stimulate metabolism of cages, change metabolism in organism.

5. Loading muscles, you lose energy, at the expense of it the needs of nature in consumption of high-calorific food appear. Time of trainings in the hall has to be not less than an hour a day. Exercises have to be aimed at the development of muscles of hands and legs (problem parts of body of thin girls).

6. Process of restoration after the trainings is not less important. Food and dream belongs to it. It is necessary to fill the spent calories. It can be done by means of fat dairy and meat products. Also the long dream will help to restore forces (7-8 hours a day). The correct process of restoration between trainings will help to gain quickly and easily weight.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team