How quickly to get rid of bags under eyes

How quickly to get rid of bags under eyes

Emergence in the morning of hypostases under eyes can be consequence of many reasons: sleep debt, tears, hangover, allergy, improper feeding. The cosmetic defect brings moral discomfort to the person and demands fast elimination. How to get rid of bags under eyes?

1. To drink waters. At shortcoming or delay of liquid there is its accumulation by organism that is expressed in puffiness of fabrics, including in eyes. 1 glass of water is capable to correct situation and to eliminate bags, having restored water balance in organism. It is recommended to observe the drinking mode, using up to 2 liters of liquid in day. It is useful to exclude from diet salty, spicy food, smoked products as they cause water delay in fabrics.

2. To put cold. It is possible to cool area of eyes, having put the ice or metal spoons which are previously placed in the deep freeze. It is possible to buy the special cooling mask which is stored in the fridge and in case of need use. As a result of impact of cold the vessels in fabrics are narrowed, and hypostasis falls down.

3. To use natural masks. Aloe juice which should be applied on hypostasis will help to remove puffiness from eyes, to wait for drying and to wash away cool water. It is possible to use the beaten egg white of one egg: it should be distributed on skin around eyes, in 10-15 minutes to wash away water.

4. To get enough sleep. The chronic sleep debt is the frequent reason of emergence of bags under eyes. Necessary time of dream — not less than 8-9 hours. At the same time it is important to pay attention to pose. Situation on stomach promotes inflow and stagnation of liquid in eyes. For this reason it is recommended to sleep on spin, having enclosed additional pillow under the head, having given to upper body slightly sublime situation.

5. If the problem of bags under eyes has gained chronic character, it is necessary to see doctor for examination and elimination of the reason. The concealer applied on borders of hypostases will help to disguise defect.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team