How quickly to get rid of heat-spot

How quickly to get rid of heat-spot

If you have noticed emergence of reddening and consolidation on skin, it is possible to take operational measures and not to allow heat-spot to appear. With the solution of this problem you will be helped by folk remedies.

1. Way No. 1. You need aspirin and antiseptic agent for hands with scarlet belief. Pound aspirin tablet in 2-3 drops of antiseptic agent. As a result the pastelike weight which should be applied on heat-spot for 10-15 minutes has to turn out. If reddening has not disappeared, repeat the procedure 3 more times. Aspirin removes inflammation and accelerates skin exfoliation, and scarlet disinfects skin.

2. Way No. 2. It is possible to prepare for the future lotion from mint to use it as required. For this purpose to fill in 1 tablespoon of mint with boiled water and to insist 15-20 min. Then to filter and add 1 h spoon of boric alcohol, tincture of calendula and lemon juice.

3. Way No. 3. Apply on pimple plentiful layer of mint toothpaste for the night.

4. Way No. 4. Quickly lemon juice, or water solution of soda will help to get rid of heat-spot. It is necessary to do local lotions in the place of defeat of them.

5. Way No. 5. It is possible to use usual laundry soap. It needs to be shaken up in foam, to add pinch of salt and to put to the place of defeat for 5 minutes. Then to wash away cold water.

6. Way No. 6. Part with hydrogen peroxide the pressed yeast to condition of liquid sour cream. Apply weight with thick layer on heat-spots for 15 minutes, then wash away water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team