How quickly to get rid of hypostases

How quickly to get rid of hypostases

Appearance of hypostases can be provoked by sleep debt, overfatigue, the use for night of large amount of liquid, smoking, salty food, etc. When you are healthy, such hypostases develop infrequently, and it is easy to get rid of them. But their regular emergence can be "the first call" of some violations in organism – warm, kidney or endocrine.

It is required to you

  • - leaves and buds of birch;
  • - grass broths;
  • - potatoes;
  • - cucumber;
  • - dogrose;
  • - hawthorn;
  • - lemon crusts;
  • - corn stigmas;
  • - soda;
  • - salt.


1. To get rid of puffiness of the person, make steam bath. Make leaves and buds of birch in bowl with boiled water. Then steam out face over it.

2. At regular developing of hypostases on face daily wash grass camomile, thyme decoctions, mints and lindens. Or use green tea for this purpose. If you have no problems with vessels on face, wipe it with ice cubes from these broths.

3. For preparation of mask take crude grated potatoes or cucumber. Put weight on all face, do not forget about eyelids. Take mask of at least 15 minutes.

4. If hypostases develop under eyes in the mornings, massage zone around them. Do it very carefully, without stretching skin, the patting movements of finger-tips. Walk several times on upper eyelid from internal corner of eye to temples, and then on lower.

5. Do not drink a lot of liquid for the night and reduce amount of salty and spicy food in the diet. You sleep for 8-9 hours a day, air the room more often and move during the day more.

6. Use more vegetables, fruit, greens which have diuretic effect. Watermelons, melons, cucumbers, apples, guelder-rose or juice from these products are very effective in this plan. Eat fractionally: accept food of 6 times a day. Have supper in three hours prior to dream.

7. If hypostases are consequence of diseases of cardiovascular system, then can taste such drink. Make in thermos equally of dogrose and hawthorn and also orange or lemon crusts to taste (previously drench with boiled water). Let's infuse night. You can drink in the morning, having sweetened drink with honey.

8. From hypostases the use of infusion from corn snouts helps. Fill in dessertspoon of these raw materials with glass of boiled water and let's infuse three hours. It is necessary to drink such infusion on tablespoon each 3 hours within week.

9. Take antiedematous bath. Add to water pack of soda and 300 g of salt. Water temperature has to be 37-38ºС. Do this half-hour procedure three times a week.

10. At hypostases of legs put them on the small eminence and lie down in such situation though a little. Under the influence of gravity there will be outflow of liquid from tired legs.

11. Do contrast shower. It is possible to wash all body or legs separately. It will quickly remove puffiness and will strengthen vessels.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team