How quickly to get rid of pimples on the face in house conditions

How quickly to get rid of pimples on the face in house conditions

There are some radical measures, had taken which, you will be able to get rid of pimples on the face in house conditions quickly in 1 day. It is necessary to resort to such methods in case any of means of long influence has not rendered due effect.


1. Try to get rid of pimples on the face in house conditions quickly in 1 day by means of the professional cosmetologist. You can address both to brand salon of beauty, and to the private cosmetologist that the expert has arrived to you on the house with all necessary equipment. In the latter case it is worth checking availability of the diploma or certificate on obtaining the corresponding specialty and also to try to look for responses on the Internet.

2. Process of fast disposal of pimples on the face by the cosmetologist takes place as follows. The face of the patient steams out by means of the special device then the person keeps within on back. The expert will process leather and, using needle, gloves and towel, will take stagnant gnoynichka and comedones. The procedure takes place quickly and brings minimum of unpleasant feelings. After its passing will advise you special care products and the person. Several days skin will be reddish shade, but then will be smoothed, and the problem of pimples will cease to disturb you for long time or even forever.

3. The fine means helping to get rid of pimples in house conditions in one day is plain iodine. Apply it on Q-tip and prizhgita each of heat-spots. As iodine quickly evaporates, it is necessary to repeat the procedure approximately each 3 hours. In total in day many pimples considerably will dry up and quickly will pass.

4. Prepare special lotion from pimples from calendula tincture. Take two tablespoons of dry flowers and fill in with quarter of glass of vodka or alcohol. Add third of glass of cucumber or triple cologne and tablespoon of water. Carefully mix and insist 1-2 days. Add 5 ml of solution of boric acid and 3 ml of glycerin. Moisten cotton pad in lotion and wipe face each three hours. This means which recipe passed from father to son very quickly leads to healing of pimples and also hems and spots from them.

5. Wash face in the morning and in the evening cool water with any antibacterial soap. After each procedure it is possible to wipe skin with hydrogen peroxide in addition. Time or two in week recommends to apply special pharmaceutical srub to deep cleansing of time. All this will help you not only to get rid quickly of pimples on the face in house conditions, but also to keep to the code fresh and clean for long time.

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