How quickly to get rid of stomach and sides

How quickly to get rid of stomach and sides

If you have aimed to put figure in order, to tighten belt, then it is necessary to think not only of healthy nutrition, but also to add simple physical exercises to the daily routine.

How to eat properly to normalize waist

  • It is worth removing greasy food from food allowance and also to refuse consumption of alcoholic products.
  • Add the products rich with cellulose to the diet. They will help to normalize work of GIT, will clean intestines.
  • The menu has to include grain and bean cultures. 
  • As having a snack you should not choose bakery products, sweets. Stop the choice on fresh fruit, namely on citrus, apples and pears.

For normalization of metabolism at your menu there has to be low-fat fish and meat, chicken proteins and nuts. 

Exercises for flat stomach

  1. Run on one place with highly raised knees. For run it is necessary to choose average speed, we extend hands before ourselves and we try to touch knees hands. We carry out exercise for 1 minute. 
  2. Steps to the parties. We get up directly and we represent the tense threads on each side. We walk alternately in the parties through imaginary threads. Carrying out exercise to spin it is necessary to hold directly, we do 20 repetitions.
  3. The following exercise is called Pomp. For its performance it is necessary to give a little the body forward and to bend legs in knees. Making deep breaths, we pull in stomach in ourselves (detaining for some time), then relaxing press muscles, we let out him outside.
  4. Exercise Level is intended for strengthening of front wall of stomach. Exercise needs to be done on plain and rigid surface. We lay down on stomach and we accept emphasis lying. The body from head to foot has to be on one straight line. It is necessary to carry out this exercise not less than a half of minute. Exercise level can be carried out on straight arms, standing on elbows, and to do the same side level, standing on one elbow. In this case exercise effectively influences side muscles of waist. 
  5. Exercise Rifts. For its performance it is necessary to accept prone position, to part hands in the parties, to bend legs in knees. Alternately we lower legs to the right and to the left. When performing exercise the shoulders have to be motionless.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team