How quickly to get rid of undesirable hair

How quickly to get rid of undesirable hair

For the modern woman the removal of hair became ordinary procedure, same, as well as toothbrushing. There is set of methods which help to get rid of undesirable vegetation. Here only to choose way it appears not so simply. Each option has the pluses and minuses therefore it is possible to choose for itself ideal way only trial and error method.

It is required to you

  • - razor;
  • - cream or shaving gel;
  • - hair removing cream;
  • - wax strips or wax.


1. Begin with the most known and easy way, shaving. Buy the machine for women, it has anatomic form which will protect from cuts. Also on surface there is special strip which helps to avoid excessive irritation. The more edges will be at the machine, the better for skin, you should not carry out several times by it on body.

2. At first take shower or bath, apply cream or shaving gel to skin and carefully remove all unnecessary vegetation. This method is not suitable only for the person, after it hair can grow even more densely and more strictly. It is very fast method allowing to get rid in only a few seconds of undesirable vegetation. But the effect of it lasts long not too, of several hours before couple of days.

3. Buy hair removing cream. For legs or hands it is possible to use standard, and for more sensitive places it is better to take the sparing medicine. Apply it on sites from which it is necessary to remove vegetation, and wait 5-10 minutes (the exact time is specified on packing of goods). Then wash away medicine, skin will become smooth and gentle, will be depilated. Be careful, you do not apply it barehanded, you can injure also nails. Such way is fast too, but, as well as shaving, solves problems only on short period.

4. Take wax strips or cosmetic wax and apply on parts of the body with undesirable vegetation. Remove with one breakthrough, it is better to do it against growth of hair. The first procedure will be painful, but in the following you will not feel such discomfort any more. This way approaches only for enough long hair, short hairs to remove it will not turn out. But the result will please you up to two weeks.

5. Address to specialized clinic, there to you will help to pick up the procedure which will forever save you from undesirable vegetation. It can be photo, rey-, laser or electroepilation. Only the expert will be able to define option which will be suitable for you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team