How quickly to get rid of wart folk remedies

How quickly to get rid of wart folk remedies

Warts can arise on any part of the body. They bring discomfort, force to have complex. It is possible to get rid of warts not only factory means, but also national methods.

What is wart

Warts are capable to develop anywhere. They can choose any part of the body – from hands, legs to language.

Warts are the good-quality formations having various forms and virus origin. There are even infectious warts which are transmitted at contact with the person carrying virus papillomatoz.

New growths deliver not only esthetic discomfort. They are dangerous that they can develop into malignant outgrowths.

To distinguish wart from birthmark it is necessary to pay attention to its form and color. Warts most often happen light pink or yellow shade and densely grow together with skin. To the touch they rigid, rough.

Treatment of warts

Many hope that warts will disappear therefore do not hurry to get rid of them. But such formations in itself take place extremely seldom.

Garlic gruel


  • 1 segment of garlic;
  • 1 tsps of vinegar of 9%;
  • 1 tsps of wheat flour.

Garlic needs to be grated on small grater and to mix with other components. Means needs to be applied on wart, to stick the problem place with plaster, in 3 days to remove it. If education has disappeared, the wound will be required to be smeared with Vishnevsky's ointment. If part of wart remained, then it is necessary to apply gruel repeatedly. This means perfectly is suitable for removal of warts standing, hands.

Celandine from warts

During blossoming of celandine it is necessary to crack stalk of plant and prizhech outgrowth. In 2 hours to repeat the procedure. At regular use of juice of celandine the wart will dry and will leave.

Plumose kalanchoe for purity of skin

The kalanchoe will help to make the person clean. The stalk of plant needs to be put to the place where the outgrowth has appeared and to stick with plaster for the night. To repeat the procedure until the problem is not solved.

Essential oil from outgrowths

For disposal of the warts which have developed on foot essential oil of tea tree will help. It is necessary to smear education 2 times a day before total disappearance of sore.

If in month after initiation of treatment of result has not followed, it is necessary to replace cardinally technique, to adopt other folk remedy, before it attentively to study responses.

Pharmaceutical means

In drugstores the wide range of the means capable to save from warts is provided too. Among those that are released without prescription of the doctor, oxolinic ointment, viferon, solkoderm, nitric acid, klareol and others.

Above-mentioned means are capable to solve quickly old problem of emergence of outgrowths. And that, having won against virus of papillomas not to catch it again, it is necessary to follow elementary rules of personal hygiene, to regularly wash hands.

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