How quickly to get rid of wrinkles

How quickly to get rid of wrinkles

Face skin constantly is affected by aggressive factors of the environment which change its structure. It becomes less elastic and loses former elasticity, there are wrinkles. And so there is a wish to get rid of them, they remind of age, that years fly by, carrying away for themselves youth. Of course, it is impossible to stop time, but thanks to some cosmetic cunnings and secrets it is possible to brake aging process slightly.


1. To get rid of deep wrinkles and to prevent emergence of new, try to subject less face skin to influence of sunshine, especially eye area. You wear sunglasses, before going to bed regularly moisturize the skin special cream and do light massage.

2. Masks from natural essential oils and aloe effectively help with fight against wrinkles. They can be got in drugstore or to make in house conditions. Take several sheets of aloe, squeeze out of them juice, apply it to skin and leave for half an hour. Do such procedure every other day. Essential oils can be used every day.

3. Mimic wrinkles can develop in youth. Areas around mouth and on forehead are most subject to them. Against such wrinkles vitamin and nutritious masks which give elasticity to skin will help. For example, cucumber. Miss one cucumber through small grater, add egg white and the received mix put on face for 15 minutes.

4. The most serious problem are deep wrinkles. And the experienced cosmetologist will help to cope with them to you. Usually wrinkles remove in several ways: laser grinding, chemical and hardware peeling. At first consult with the expert who will help you to choose the most suitable option. Also modern cosmetic firms release special cream from wrinkles (anti-aging cosmetics). Effectively also masks from fermented milk products and fresh vegetables will help (especially tomatoes).

5. One more problem zone of female body is the neck. It always gives age of the woman. It is difficult to get rid of wrinkles on neck. For this purpose every day do easy warm-up of your neck, refuse high pillow. Well contrast compresses will help, do them regularly at least once in day. At the same time every three minutes wrap the neck in alternately hot and cold towel.

6. As a last resort, you can resort to the help of plastic surgeons who will help to get rid of wrinkles quickly and for very long time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team