How quickly to grow bang

How quickly to grow bang

The most certain way it is cardinal to change the appearance - to change hairstyle. It can be reached, having dyed hair, having grown bang. But not all can be solved on such courageous experiment because do not want to fix eyes of acquaintances who will precisely notice that something has exchanged in appearance.

Ideal image of the girl

It is simpler to girls to change. It is possible to wear the hair long, and then them are short obstrich, it is possible to make bang direct, slanting, semicircular. Guys had had stereotype that at the girl of hair has to be dense and long. It is limit of their dreams and secret imaginations. But not always the girl can easily grow braid to waist. Hair can split, break because of the wrong leaving. Then just the patience bursts, and the young lady goes to hairdressing salon.

To grow bang is not less problematic. First of all it is necessary to stock up with patience. In the course of growth the bang will disturb, to climb in eyes. Not once there will be desire to cut off it. Hair grow not on yeast, this process will take half a year or even year, depending on length of the main part of hair. Also growth rate for all is individual and depends on ecology, health of organism, food and hair care.

Means for rapid growth of hair

There are many means, using which, it is possible to accelerate growth of hair. They can be combined among themselves or to adhere to one of methods.

That the grown bang did not disturb, it should be pinned up or combed sideways. For fixing it is possible to use skin, mousse or varnish.

Mesotherapy - the cosmetic procedure which implies introduction to hair bulbs of nutrients, microelements and vitamins. Thus their stimulation and food is carried out. This procedure accelerates growth of hair, improves their appearance, reduces fragility and loss. To reach effect, it is enough to hold 8 sessions of therapy.

In beauty shops besides mesotherapy there are a lot more procedures for acceleration of growth of hair and strengthening of their health: SPA, massages, masks.

It is possible to buy in shop of mask, balms and shampoos which promote rapid growth of hair. The following components have to be their part: shea butter, avocado oil, milk proteins, cocoa butter, amino acids. It is worth using recipes of traditional medicine. Pepper, garlic, onions are long since used as growth factor of hair. They improve blood-groove, thereby hair bulbs receive intensive food. But these components will not approach if skin sensitive, dry and has damages. It is necessary not to be lazy and do massage of the head also. It promotes rush of blood to hair bulbs. Along with massage it is possible to rub nutrients in roots of hair and skin. Burdock and castor oil will be suitable for these purposes.

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