How quickly to grow hair by means of folk remedies

How quickly to grow hair by means of folk remedies

Growth of hair depends on genetic predisposition, human health, but in your forces to accelerate this process by means of the correct leaving. There are means which you can make in house conditions. They have mass of advantages, for example, they cost much cheaper than purchased. All components which are their part natural.

It is required to you

  • - the sprouted wheat;
  • - boiled water;
  • - honey or milk;
  • - burdock or castor oil;
  • - polyethylene film;
  • - warm cap;
  • - aloe juice;
  • - 20% alcohol;
  • - dark beer;
  • - dried roots of burdock, ivy, jug yellow or yarrow;
  • - dried nettle or camomile;
  • - onions.


  1. First of all you have to reconsider the food. For stimulation of growth of head of hear use the sprouted wheat for breakfast. Fill in 100 grams of sprouts with boiled water (about 150-200 ml). Densely close cover and leave for 8-12 hours to infuse. Filter, add honey or milk.
  2. For acceleration of growth of hair use burdock or castor oil. Warm up it a little then apply on hair, carefully rubbing in roots. Roll up the head film, put on warm cap. You resemble with mask about an hour, wash away oil warm water.
  3. Also you can use honey water. For its production you need liter of boiled water and two tablespoons of honey. Mix ingredients then apply mix on hair.
  4. If your hair drop out, slowly grow, use masks from aloe. Take several leaves of plant and squeeze out juice. Add alcohol (20%). After that rub mix in roots of hair. Wrap up the head with plastic bag and leave for 30 minutes then wash away warm water.
  5. Rinse hair with strong dark beer. Besides that this means will strengthen growth of hair, it will make them dense and healthy.
  6. For stimulation of growth of hair use burdock decoction. Take tablespoon of dried roots of burdock, fill in 100 ml of boiled water. Put mix on weak fire, boil within 15 minutes. Let's broth infuse, after that filter it and apply on hair. Instead of burdock you can use ivy, jug yellow or yarrow.
  7. Rinse hair with nettle or camomile infusion. For its preparation take 3 tablespoons of dried grass, add liter of boiled water. Infuse mix within hour, after that filter and put to the warm dark place. Use means every time after washing.
  8. Also you can use onions masks. Squeeze out juice of bulb of the average sizes. Rub it in roots of hair and leave for hour. For the best effect wrap up hair with plastic bag.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team