How quickly to grow hair by means of mustard mask

How quickly to grow hair by means of mustard mask

All girls dream of thick and long hair. To accelerate growth of hair to three centimeters a month, it is possible to use rather simple, but very effective national recipe - mustard mask.

It is required to you

  • - two tablespoons of mustard powder
  • - two tablespoons of boiled water
  • - one egg yolk
  • - two teaspoons of granulated sugar
  • - two tablespoons of oil


1. We mix two tablespoons of mustard powder, two tablespoons of boiled water, egg yolk, two teaspoons of granulated sugar and two tablespoons of oil in plastic bowl, we mix to condition of gruel. The more you will add some granulated sugar, the more will burn down the head as sugar ""angers"" mustard. Oil it is possible to use any, best of all will approach coconut or almond, but if there are no such oils near at hand, it is possible to use usually vegetable oil.

2. Accurately, it is the best of all using special brush for putting hair-dye, we apply the turned-out weight on roots of hair. Hair have to be dry. The mask is not recommended to be applied on hair as from it hair will look it dehydrated.

3. After drawing we collect hair in bunch, we turn from above in polyethylene film, from above we turn in towel or scarf for effect of ""bath"". We leave mask on the head of 20 minutes till 1 o'clock, depending on that, how strongly burns down the head. For the first time 15-20 minutes there are enough.

4. We wash away mask slightly warm water (is not hotter at all). The mask is washed away rather easily, due to presence at it of egg yolk. There is no characteristic smell left after washing on hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team