How quickly to grow hair on 20 centimeters

How quickly to grow hair on 20 centimeters

Each girl, irrespective of genetics and basic data is capable to grow long healthy hair. The solution of this task to us is prompted by the nature. If not to be lazy and follow five simple recommendations, it is possible to change for amazingly short term.


  1. The most important mistake is frequent cutting of tips. Such behavior comes true desire to support the ends of hair in tidy state. However, so you do not allow them to grow. If you really want to grow quickly hair, then it is necessary to refuse hairstyle for the entire period of otrashchivaniye. At competent and regular care for all length, tips will strongly not break and you will be able to achieve record results in otrashchivaniya of which even did not dream.
  2. That there were no splitting ends, generously feed and moisten hair. As often as possible use balms, masks and indelible oils for tips of hair. They will look very well-groomed and you easily grow desirable length.
  3. Pay attention to leaving from within. It consists in healthy nutrition, the sufficient use of water, intake of vitamins. The shortage of any useful microelements in organism can hamper the growth and health of hair. Spend on drink the vitamin complex suitable you. Also accept tablespoon of linseed oil every morning on an empty stomach. The result will surprise you and will please. The organism will thank you for such care by strong, shiny hairs and velvet face skin.
  4. Burdock oil - the most effective folk remedy for otrashchivaniye of hair. Its use gives amazing effect. To wash away it from head skin, it is necessary to wash hair with shampoo 2-3 times. However, the result is worth definitely it. Use it for three weeks.
  5. Every evening carefully mass head skin good massage brush in four directions. So you improve blood circulation. 7-10 minutes spent for it are worth it effect which you will find literally in week. Very many neglect this point and then lament that there is no result. If you want to be surprised really to nature opportunities, be not too lazy to implement this recommendation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team