How quickly to grow long hair and to make them more dense

How quickly to grow long hair and to make them more dense

Not accidentally long, thick and shiny hairs since ancient times are considered as one of the main standards of beauty of women. For men it not only is sexual and attractive, but also serves as obvious signal of health of the darling. What to do if the whimsical nature "has awarded" with fine and limp hair? There is several simple, at the same time very effective ways to improve the hair.

1)    If there is enough determination, run to the hairdresser and it is cut ruthlessly off at least 5 cm on all length to get rid of ugly "mouse tails". From now on at you magnificent thick hair will grow therefore safely we get rid of unnecessary.

2)    Directly from now on under no circumstances we do not comb hair wet! At "wet" combing the catastrophic number of hair, especially if hair dry, fragile and thin is lost. We apply spray for hair with oils, facilitating combing, and very accurately fingers "we comb" hair.

3)    We buy quality vitamins for hair. It will be correct to consult before it to the doctor what vitamins will suit you. Important – not to allow overdose of vitamins and to mean that vitamins for hair need to be accepted only after meal, otherwise collateral troubles in the form of nausea and stomach pain are possible. Usually the result of intake of good vitamins is noticeable in month.

4)    We buy in drugstore spray with minoksidily - cosmetic which stops loss of hair and actively stimulates growth of new hair. It is besides better to consult to the doctor at first. It is possible to begin with means which contain 2 percent of minoksidil (norm for women) and if the effect is minimum, then to pass to means from 5 percent of minoksidil (norm for men). Visible result – in 2 months. The inconvenience is in what minoksidit it is necessary to put twice a day. But it is possible to accustom itself to do it after toothbrushing, for example.

5)    We are not lazy once a week to do mask for hair with warm burdock oil and red pepper.

In 2-3 months not only you, but also people around will be pleasantly surprised with your beautiful hair!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team