How quickly to grow long hair, recipes

How quickly to grow long hair, recipes

Long magnificent hair were always considered as standard of female beauty. However sometimes the unsuccessful hairstyle can spoil to the owner not only mood, but also all appearance. To correct this small trouble, it is necessary to wait not one month until hair grow again. Fortunately, thanks to recipes of traditional medicine, it is possible to accelerate this process a little.


1. Mask from kefir for growth of volosslegk warm up 200 g of kefir and mix it with burdock oil (5-10 drops). Apply mix to head skin and at all length of hair. Put on warm cap and take 2 hours. After that properly wash hair shampoo and rinse them water with camomile broth. It is recommended to do mask of times a week.

2. Mask and aloeiz thick leaves of aloe squeeze out 2 tablespoons of juice of honey. Mix it with egg yolk and tablespoon of honey. Apply mask on dry hair and leave for hour. After time wash out hair, apply on them the conditioner and in a few minutes rinse. The procedure is carried out several times a week.

3. Onions juice for rapid growth you volosizmelchit by means of the combine or small grater 2 averages or 1 big head of onions. Shift the received weight in 4-layer gauze. Wring out juice directly on roots of hair, properly rub it and roll up the head towel or put on warm cap. Wait approximately an hour and a half until juice is absorbed. To kill onions smell, dissolve colourless henna with hot water and apply on the place where there was juice. In 20 minutes wash away warm water.

4. For growth you volosvozmit Musk on one teaspoon of oil solution of A and E vitamins, egg yolk and on the 2nd tablespoons of water and dry mustard. Mix all ingredients. Apply mask on roots and on all length of hair, wrap up the head with cellophane, and from above towel and leave for hour. After that wash the head warm water with shampoo use. Do this procedure not more often than once a week.

5. Egg to maskavzbeyta one egg, moisten hair with water and massage movements rub egg weight in head skin. After 5 minutes rinse hair warm water with herbs. For its preparation take on teaspoon of leaves of sage medicinal, mint and petals of roses and fill in them 400 ml of boiled water. Let's infuse 5 minutes. After spolaskivaniye do not wipe hair.

6. Broth from root to lopukhazaleyta tablespoon of the crushed burdock root glass of hot water. Put on water bath, and you boil 15 minutes. Condemn the received broth and rinse it hair.

7. Mustard to maskanasypta in small bowl glass of dry mustard and, stirring slowly, begin to add hot water gradually. Ready mix has to have consistence of sour cream. Apply mask on roots of hair, roll up plastic bag and towel. Leave for about 20 minutes then well wash away water. Repeat the procedure of times a week.

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