How quickly to grow short hair

How quickly to grow short hair

Do you want to grow the short hair quickly? It, fortunately, is quite possible - the human hair can grow up to two centimeters a month. The main thing is to look after correctly hair and to stimulate growth that hair used the opportunities put in them at full capacity.


1. Short hair have big advantage - to let grow them slightly more simply than, say, hair of average length. Why? Because of the small length of hair they get much more food, and many substances stimulating growth get into roots and hair much quicker.

2. At first reconsider and estimate the daily hair care. No masks will help you if you look after them incorrectly. What your hair - dry, fat or normal? Pick up shampoo and conditioner proceeding from the type, it is extremely important: if not to feed dry hair, they will not grow at full capacity, exactly as well as badly cleaned fat which breath is broken. You do not apply balm on roots, better well impregnate with it tips, inclined to section.

3. Let's pass to masks and means which perfectly stimulate growth of your hair. Most, perhaps, known is burdock oil. It can easily be applied independently, but to combine it much better with other components which are capable to strengthen its action. For example, you can prepare fine curative oils balm, having added to burdock oil a little almond and castoric. Such mix should be warmed up and applied slightly on roots of hair - fortunately, problems with distribution of masks and oils on short hair almost do not arise. Slightly massage head skin, put on rubber hat or package and cover hair with something warm (for example, the terry towel heated on the battery).

4. It is also possible to prepare mask from burdock oil, large egg yolk, spoon of honey and tablespoon of cognac. To make such mask very easily - just separate yolk from protein (it is necessary to do it carefully as protein is capable to cause dryness and tightness), carefully pound it with honey, and then add cognac and the warmed-up oil. Such mask should be put pretty fast, before cooling and to rub carefully in roots. Also it is necessary to cover the head with something warm.

5. Growth of hair can be accelerated and by means of combing - get massage brush and you carry out on hair about hundred times every evening, directing hairbrush in different directions. It will strengthen inflow of blood to the head and hair will begin to grow much quicker. However, excessively you should not be fond combing also, in day there will be quite enough one massage to improve blood circulation of head skin and breath of hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team