How quickly to grow up eyelashes

How quickly to grow up eyelashes

Beautiful and long eyelashes – undoubted decoration of the girl. They give to look expressiveness and also are capable to increase eyes visually. Only consider the fact that folk remedies cannot yield fast result. Therefore it is necessary to do diligently several months procedures.

It is required to you

  • Essential oils, aloe juice, vitamins A and E, medicative herbs, cotton pads, bottle from the used ink.


1. Try to do regularly masks for growth of eyelashes. In the majority they are similar to oil mix. However consider that it is impossible to leave neither burdock, nor castor oil on eyelashes for the night. Otherwise you can find in the morning hypostasis in the eyes what you will hardly be delighted to.

2. Mix burdock and castor oil in identical proportions. Then add on several drops of juice of aloe and vitamin E. Further apply the received structure on eyelashes. You can use for this purpose Q-tip or clean brush from ink. Leave mask for 30 minutes. After this time wash warm water.

3. Do massage century. It is very useful both to growth of eyelashes, and to skin. Therefore it will be very good if massage to do regularly, it is desirable every day. You can use various cosmetic and massage oils. Apply oil on small pillows of ring fingers. Then pointed movements massage from external corners of eyes in the direction to internal. Thus repeat the procedure several times.

4. Make compress of broth of medicative herbs. You can take cornflower, camomile pharmaceutical or calendula. To prepare broth, take 1 tablespoon of dry raw materials and fill in with glass of hot water. Put capacity on plate and bring to boiling. In 30 minutes switch off fire and cool. Further filter through sieve or gauze put in several layers and wring out the rest. Moisten two cotton pads in broth and apply to centuries. After 20 minutes wash cool boiled water.

5. Prepare oil mix for growth of eyelashes. It is possible to store it in the fridge several months. That it was convenient to you to apply means on eyelashes, take bottle from the used ink. Carefully wash up it from residues of cosmetics and dry.

6. Start preparation of the mix. As basic you can take almond oil. But also use peach or sea-buckthorn is allowed. Further add to 2 tablespoons of basis on several drops of vitamin A and E. Nanesite mix on eyelashes. Try to carry out this procedure daily. Then the result will not keep itself waiting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team