How quickly to heal pimples

How quickly to heal pimples

Eels who long do not pass and inflame, can reserve scars and small hems. If you had had pimple, try to get rid rather of it by means of antibacterial and resolvents.

It is required to you

  • - iodine;
  • - salicyl alcohol;
  • - calendula tincture;
  • - aloe;
  • - Vishnevsky's ointment.


1. Grease pimple with iodine. If it strongly inflamed, impregnate Q-tip in solution and take, having put it to eel for 3-5 minutes. With large number of rashes on skin make small iodic grid. Do not use brilliant green – it is hard washed.

2. Impregnate cotton pad in salicyl alcohol and apply it to the place of inflammation for 5-10 minutes. You carry out the procedure several times a day. But the more often you process the inflamed leather, the quicker it will begin to live. Also grease the problem place with ointment with salicylic acid to achieve the fastest results.

3. Not bad spirit tincture of calendula helps with fight against pimples. Use it in undiluted look for cauterization of pimples. For prevention of appearance of eels part tincture in the ratio with 1:3 cold boiled water and use as tonic. Liquid will be slightly muddy, but it should not confuse you.

4. Take aloe leaf, wash out and husk with it. Apply to pimple and record adhesive plaster. You hold bandage all night long. Since morning you will notice that reddening has fallen down.

5. At severe abscesses Vishnevsky's ointment will help, but it possesses specific smell which is pleasant not to all. If you have purulent abscess, apply ointment on it, from above cover with small piece of bandage.

6. If after disappearance of acne on skin there were red traces, try to get rid of them by means of srub. Every other day clean face peeling with fruit acids – it will stimulate cages to updating. Gradually the tone will be leveled. If you have opportunity, address the cosmetologist to solve this problem.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team