How quickly to increase nails

How quickly to increase nails

Nails beautiful by nature – destiny of the few. Fortunately, this problem can be solved: nails will become ideal. The procedure of building allows to increase quickly their length and to change form due to drawing to surface of nail plates of artificial materials.

It is required to you

  • - liquid for varnish removal;
  • - manicure set;
  • - forms;
  • - gel;
  • - tipsa;
  • - napkin;
  • - glue;
  • - tipsorez;
  • - acrylic;
  • - ultra-violet lamp.


1. Quickly it is possible to increase nails by means of gel, acrylic or mix consisting of these components. Fabric building is less often used.

2. Building is preceded by preparatory work. For a start erase old varnish. Then, if it is necessary, cut off natural nails, surely having left one-two millimeters afterwards to fix form on nail plate.

3. Give to natural nail plates the form which is brought closer to form of auxiliary cliche. Then remove cuticles then by means of special nail file smooth out brilliant layer of natural nail. After it degrease nail plates.

4. Attach special auxiliary forms to free edge of nails, and later put the first layer of gel. Quickly to dry gel, arrange the nail plates covered with this substance in area of coverage of ultra-violet lamp. As soon as the first layer dries up, repeatedly cover nail plates with gel and leave them to dry under ultraviolet rays of special lamp.

5. Remove auxiliary forms then execute modeling of form of nail plates. Then put the last layer of gel and dry by means of special ultra-violet lamp.

6. If building is carried out by means of tips, execute disinfection of hands then cuticle scissors cut the free edges of natural nails and correct their form by means of nail file. Apply on cuticles means for removal of cuticles and accurately remove them orange stick.

7. Process nail plates, having removed brilliant surface. After that degrease marigold and pick up the tipsa suitable by the sizes for nails (width of tips has to correspond to width of nail plate in the central part of nail).

8. Apply glue on inside of tips. Then apply tipsa to nail plates and, slowly lowering them, densely press. Stand seconds ten and remove surplus of glue by means of lint-free napkin.

9. By means of tipsorez truncate tipsa and give them the desirable form. After that cut the line of joining between tipsy and nail plate (file tips, but not natural nail).

10. Apply the modeling gel, advancing it from the middle towards cuticle. Gel has to lay down evenly on sides of marigold. Dry nails in ultra-violet lamp, and later put the subsequent layer of gel and again dry.

11. For nail extension acrylic uses two technologies: on forms and on tipsa. But this material has negative sides: small toxicity and quite unpleasant smell. The sequence of nail extension by means of acrylic is similar to the procedure of correction of form and length of nails with use of gel.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team