How quickly to lose weight after New Year's holidays

How quickly to lose weight after New Year's holidays

Days off – it is always good, and New Year's vacation – it in general is remarkable! It is a pity only that they, such long-awaited and cheerful, so quickly fly by. Also happens annoying that at parting we have unpleasant side effects in the form of two-three (and even more!) extra kilos. How quickly to get rid of unnecessary cargo and to lose weight after long days off? There are easy and effective ways thanks to which it is possible to return to good shape in 5-7 days.

We get rid of hypostases

Usually considerable part of extra kilos are actually not kilograms, but liters - the collected liquid. Quickly to lose weight, first of all it is necessary to get rid of hypostases. For this purpose it is possible to prepare fennel seeds decoction as diuretic: two tablespoons of seeds of fennel to make 0.5 l of boiled water and 3 minutes to boil on weak fire. To drink three times a day on half-glass in warm look. Instead of dill broth it is possible to take once diuretic medicine – diuretic, for example, of trigy 5 mg or lotonet 5 mg. Surely with any diuretic it is necessary to take two medicines of asparkam or pan-tonsillitis not to allow in deficiency organism of potassium and magnesium.

Intensively we drink water – in day not less than one and a half liter of clean still water. It is useful to add fresh lemon juice to water. We exclude any sweet drinks and alcohol. Important: do not drink a lot of water for the night - you will provoke hypostases, and we need to bring surplus of liquid out of organism.

No - to gluttony!

If we want to lose weight quickly, then it is ruthlessly excluded from diet farinaceous, sweet, fat, fried and potato dishes. For having a snack during the day instead of cakes, candies and rolls we use low-fat cottage cheese, boiled eggs, apples and fresh cucumbers. Let's try to use at least salts not to detain excess liquid in organism. After 19-00 hours we brush teeth and we forget the road to the fridge till the morning.

We clean and humour organism

Quickly to lose weight and remove toxins, to you in the help cleaning or laxative tea (to drink for the night 2-3 times with interval of 2 days). Important: do not abuse laxative not to break natural motility of intestines. After cleaning of intestines the bath or sauna will give remarkable effect: health, rejuvenation and weight loss – three in one. If there is opportunity, go to several sessions of massage: both advantage, and effect, and relax!

Vigorously we spend calories and we grow thin in the eyes

We use any opportunity to spend calories: we do not use the elevator – up-down only on ladder, we go on foot as much as possible, in the morning (and not only in the morning) it is vigorously done the 15th minute warm-up, in the evening – instead of sofa and the TV – walk in the fresh air or (ideally!) gym.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team