How quickly to lose weight by flying

How quickly to lose weight by flying

The spring sun has kindled the snow remains, summer not far off, so, it is time to prepare not only clothes, but also own body. For this purpose it is necessary to change cardinally food allowance and to add physical activities without which it is impossible to put muscles in order and to simulate figure.


1. Do not try to lose weight in one week. Hungry diets can yield fast result, but it will be short-term. Besides you can affect the health as normal functioning of organism requires balanced and good nutrition. The only thing that can be made – to reduce the number of the consumed calories.

2. The most rational way of fast weight loss which results will remain long time it is to address the nutritionist and to make the menu taking into account your weight, age and associated diseases. Obesity belongs to disease, and as well as at any disease, it is required treatments with participation of the expert.

3. If you are not going to address the nutritionist, refuse fat, fried, reduce amount of fats and food of animal origin, vegetable food has to become basis of diet, instead of meat temporarily use soy substitutes, conduct calculation of kilocalories, eat fractionally and often.

4. Besides, do not take alcoholic drinks which contain large number of empty calories and promote arousing appetite, fill all salads with soy sauce, as much as possible limit the use of table salt, drink a lot of water, still mineral water, green tea without sugar.

5. Unfortunately, only reduction of number of kilocalories not to manage. To accelerate metabolism, to enhance effect of dietary actions, you should move more. The winter hypodynamia became the reason of excess weight therefore begin morning with charging and contrast shower in the spring. You go on foot more, register in the fitness center where under the leadership of the experienced expert you will not only grow thin, but also you will be able to simulate figure in short terms. All physical exercises have to be carried out at fast and rhythmical speed. Only by such method it is possible to achieve positive results. houseconditionsIt is very difficult to control speed in .

6. Visit beauty shop to complete course of chocolate wrapping. Before the procedure to you will steam out body, will make massage, then from legs to the head will cover with bitter chocolate with the increased caffeine content, will wrap in thermal cellophane bags. In one hour your volumes will be reduced by 1 cm, muscles will be tightened, skin will look smooth and elastic. The full course of wrapping consists of 10-15-20 of procedures, at the request of the client. If there is a lot of cellulitis in problem places, you will manage to get rid of it completely.

7. Complex weight loss will help you to come to form, and by flying you will look just remarkably.

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