How quickly to lose weight in week by 7 kg

How quickly to lose weight in week by 7 kg

The people suffering from completeness quite often are interested how to lose weight in week by 7 kg and as fast as possible to find desirable figure. To achieve it, it is necessary to change the current way of life almost completely.


1. Pay attention that opportunity to lose weight in week by 7 kg is available only for certain type of people. First, are those whose weight considerably (on 20-30 kg) exceeds the norm characteristic of the current age and growth of body. Secondly, here it is possible to carry people who for any reason have quickly gained excess weight though they since the birth were not inclined to completeness, for example, because of disease, pregnancy, intake of hormonal medicines or emergence of habit of constant overeating. Other groups of people will not manage to achieve such result for short term.

2. To dump 7 kg in week, it is necessary to reconsider completely the diet and the schedule of food. It is the best of all to pass to fruit and vegetable diet temporarily. For breakfast 1-2 oranges or orange juice well approach. In 2-3 hours eat 1-2 bananas as the second breakfast. For lunch make vegetable several fresh tomatoes and cucumbers vegetable oil salad. To taste it is possible to add garden radish, onions and greens. For afternoon snack eat apple or pear. For dinner it is possible to make fruit oranges salad, kiwi, apples, peaches, having filled in with low-fat yogurt. Such diet will well unload organism, will remove stagnant hazardous substances and considerably will reduce fat deposits.

3. It is impossible to lose weight by 7 kg in week without serious physical activities. If before you did not play sports, before diet and the program of exercises it is necessary to prepare organism. Within several days make morning and evening jogs, supplementing them small charging for warming up and strengthening of muscles. Also make the plan of trainings for week for which you want to lose weight as much as possible.

4. For fast disposal of excess weight it is better to register in gym. 1-2 times a day be engaged on the racetrack on average speed, trying to increase daily distance and to slightly raise loading. In the same way work on the exercise bike. Use exercise machines on various groups of muscles to bring them into tone (it is better to hold trainings every other day). Carry out not less than 10-12 exercises in 3-5 approaches.

5. Concentrate attention on muscles of legs (squats with small weight, bendings and leg extentions sitting), hands (raising of dumbbells from various standing position), breasts (draft in the exercise machine sitting) and spins (draft of the block for the head sitting, hyperextensions). Pay special attention to direct, lower and side muscles of press, carrying out bendings and extensions of body in sitting position and also raising of legs on crossbeam. It is necessary to train before emergence of sweat and burning sensation in muscles. After each training take hot shower and whenever possible attend session of the weakening massage.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team