How quickly to make curls

How quickly to make curls

Playful and beautiful curls already long time do not get out of fashion. It is not obligatory to go to beauty shop or hairdressing salon at all to create this masterpiece on the head. Fervent curlies can be made independently in house conditions, using for this purpose the iron, hair curlers, the curling iron or koklyushka. All these accessories can be got in specialized shop.

It is required to you

  • - hair curlers;
  • - iron for hair straightening;
  • - hair curlers.


  1. It is possible to make large curls by means of hair curlers. There are several their versions: koklyushka, boomerangs, velcros and thermohair curlers. Can be Koklyushki the different sizes, represent wooden or plastic sticks which are fixed by elastic bands. Moisten hair with skin or mousse, divide into locks and wind hair curlers, record elastic band. After hair completely dry, remove koklyushka, at you smart curls which can be divided into thinner locks will turn out.
  2. By means of thermohair curlers itself can do quickly beautiful hair with curls. It is enough to pour water in ladle or pan, to put hair curlers and to boil. Until they have cooled down, wind them on hair, in half an hour remove hair curlers. The turned-out curls can be combed and sprinkled hairspray, the hairstyle is ready.
  3. Very effective way to make quickly curls – to use the iron for hair straightening. Hair have to be well combed and dry, for the best fixing it is possible to sprinkle them varnish (remember, it is necessary to spray varnish at distance not less than twenty five centimeters, otherwise hair will stick together). Separate lock, record other hair hairpin or hair claw. Clamp one lock the iron at the basis and wrap hair once around its lower part. Then scroll the iron so that it moved towards the end of lock. Hold lock in turn with free hand.
  4. Use hair curlers or hair curlers boomerangs, they flexible, are made of wire cores and covered with dense foam rubber. Such hair curlers have no fixers as are easily turned in ring or node. Hair can be wound for the night, hair curlers are not rumpled and do not press on the head, so, do not deform curls. Divide moist hair into locks and wind them on flexible hair curlers in one party. Dry the wound hair phenom before full drying, it is possible to leave to dry under natural conditions (if you do not hurry anywhere). Remove flexible hair curlers and miss curls through fingers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team