How quickly to make hair long

How quickly to make hair long

Will help to make hair long only building of artificial locks as soon as possible. But it is rather difficult to look after them therefore it is simpler to grow the curls though on it and the wide interval of time will be required.

It is required to you

  • - vitamin complexes and cod-liver oil;
  • - massager;
  • - sea salt;
  • - mustard;
  • - red pepper and cream;
  • - shampoo.


  1. Begin to accept vitamin complexes and beer yeast. If you have individual intolerance of any components, choose medicines in which they are absent. Help to accelerate growth of hair of means, rich with zinc, calcium, phosphorus and fluorine. Separately use cod-liver oil in capsules. Over time you will notice result.
  2. Purify skin with small salt, it is desirable sea. On the head scales of devitalized epithelium also accumulate that complicates food of hair bulbs oxygen. Rub salt in roots after washing, then carefully rinse curls under flowing water. After that apply conditioner. You carry out the procedure time in 7-10 days.
  3. Do massage of the head. For this purpose use the special massager. If you do not have it, do massage by hands. Take hair at roots between fingers and slightly pull – it will strengthen inflow of blood to roots that will positively affect growth of hair.
  4. Use special shampoos which stimulate growth of hair for washing of the head. It is possible to buy them in the majority of pharmaceutical points.
  5. You apply burdock oil to head skin and if curls are injured, distribute it on all length. You carry out the procedure several times a week. Gradually curls will become healthy and brilliant and also will begin to grow quicker.
  6. Resort to the help of mustard mask. Add teaspoon of mustard powder to 20 ml of shampoo 1. Moisten hair and apply shampoo, slightly massage and wash away. The positive effect is observed also from application of mask from pepper. Take 30 ml of heavy cream and add to them pinch of red pepper. Well mix and apply on roots of hair. Perhaps easy burning which gradually will take place.
  7. Stock up with patience. Hair on average grow on 2-3 centimeters a month. If you do not want to wait, go to beauty shop to building.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team