How quickly to recover to the woman

How quickly to recover to the woman

The insufficient weight and leanness, as well as extra kilos, can become serious problem for the woman not only in the esthetic plan, but also in respect of health. If the woman's weight, really, is lower than norm, it can be corrected, and it is desirable to do it under observation of the doctor.


1. If to go by contradiction, for increase in weight it is necessary to eat everything that is forbidden during diet for weight loss. That is to absorb more sweets, bread, cakes, fancy bread, the fat fried and harmful. Weight, certainly, will increase, but there will be it due to accumulation of fat to disproportionate distribution in stomach, hips and buttocks. Muscle tissue and skin will not cope with fast set of kilograms in the specified parts of body, and extensions and mass of other shortcomings will appear.

2. Food for set of weight has to be though caloric, but useful and balanced. And along with food you should not forget and about physical exercises which will strengthen muscles, will allow to increase muscle bulk. By the way, power, but not aerobic trainings have to become main type of loading.

3. Caloric content of food has to be caused by the high content of protein – he is responsible for plastic processes in organism. Use the products rich with amino acids, mineral substances and, naturally, vitamins. For the best digestion of food it is desirable to include in diet also vegetable products. From vegetables, fruit and greens the comprehensibility of food will only increase. Do not avoid some multicomponent and first, and second courses. If there is desire, then do not refuse to yourself rich and sweet food, but reasonably.

4. For effective set of weight it is necessary to observe diet – meal has to occur not less than 3-4 times a day. Do not miss big breakfasts, lunches from several dishes and nourishing dinners. The portion of food has to be large. As a rule, women with lack of weight traditionally eat small portions, for set of weight it is necessary to change habits, to learn to eat much.

5. For high-quality increase in muscle bulk the number of the consumed calories has to be more usual – from 2300 calories a day (standard daily rate of calories for the woman with average weight – 1800-2000). Not to do much harm to organism, do not increase the volume of the eaten food sharply, breakthroughs - it can result in weight and discomfort in stomach and to provoke exacerbation of other diseases. The most important rule which should be observed as at diet for weight loss and at the appeal to technique of set of weight, is balance between physical activities and the consumed calories.

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