How quickly to reduce waist and sides

How quickly to reduce waist and sides

The shapeless waist and rollers of fat on sides can spoil even the best figure. Quickly the balanced diet, set of exercises and simple procedures returning to skin elasticity will help to shape up. In week you will notice that the figure has improved, and the silhouette became more graceful.

It is required to you

  • - exercise machine;
  • - anti-cellulite cream or gel.


1. Begin with drawing up the balanced menu. For fast weight loss it is worth eating not less than 5 times a day, and very small portions. Vegetables and porridges have to form the basis of the menu. It is possible to add low-fat meat - for example, the turkey or chicken steamed or baked without oil, cheese and other high-calorie additives. Refuse sweets and fruit and also the products causing abdominal distension - various bean, black bread, products from yeast dough.

2. It is important to provide normal process of digestion and the correct water balance. Drink not less than 2 l of clean still water a day. Also herbal teas - mint, camomile, - and also dogrose broth will approach. Coffee and carbonated drinks it is better to refuse - they badly satisfy thirst and can cause dehydration. Do not drink concentrated fresh juices and the more so drinks from packages - in them there is a lot of sugar.

3. You watch diet caloric content. The number of necessary calories can be calculated depending on the growth, age and extent of physical activity. To lose weight, but not to slow down metabolism, the woman of average height and moderate physical activity should not exceed norm in 1500 kcal.

4. Be engaged in physical exercises. The waist is formed by various inclinations, turns and rotations by the body. For warm-up do exercises in standing position, muscle warming up, start more difficult complex. Lying on spin, move the raised direct legs to the right and to the left, do "scissors", having raised direct legs it is low over floor. Exercises are very effective in hanging on wall bars or crossbeam and also occupations with burdenings standing.

5. Buy the simple exercise machine developing the muscles of press and oblique muscles which are responsible for waist measurement. You will suit the rotating disk, slider, hoop. Do exercises several times a day - it will help not to be tired and spend the maximum number of calories.

6. Master methods of self-massage. Pound area of waist, having clasped it with both palms. Pinch from time to time skin, moving from back to stomach. It will strengthen inflow of blood and will provide intensive combustion of fat. Massage can be combined with putting anti-cellulite cream or gel. Cosmetic in itself will hardly remove excess fat. Its task is to condense skin and to visually tighten silhouette.

7. Buy shapewear. The convenient grace or shorts with high belt will create slender waist, will remove fat surplus and will give you self-confidence. Besides this linen will help the relaxed muscles to keep with tone, will support back and will provide comfort to internals. Do not buy too close linen. The best option - models with regulation of the size - with their help you are soon convinced that you have really lost weight in waist.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team