How quickly to refresh the person

How quickly to refresh the person

The party which has dragged on till the morning, watch during night shift, insomnia and as result – dim, pale, edematous face skin. How to improve situation, to return to short terms to the person flush and healthy shine?


1. Improvement of face skin will be helped by contrast washing and also wiping by ice. It is necessary to take care of it in good time: since evening to freeze mineral water to which it is good to add curative herbs (camomile, sage, nettle, St. John's wort, calendula). You carry out by ice cube on massage lines within one-two minutes. Do not wipe face, let moisture will saturate skin much.

2. Try also such express method. Two towels should be moistened in hot water and to put on the person so that to cover eyes, forehead, cheeks, chin. Wait 2 minutes, then dip towels into cold water and again cover the person. In two minutes remove and admire the rejuvenated skin.

3. If are had ready lifting means near at hand, use them for the recovery procedure. And it is possible to prepare effective masks. So, will be suitable for dry skin cottage cheese, it will refresh the person, will return it flush. Pound one tablespoon of cottage cheese with 2 tablespoons of sour cream and add salt teaspoon to mix. The mask is applied on half an hour, then washed away by warm water.

4. Will revitalize oily skin, the following mask will make pleasantly opaque. Take on teaspoon of honey and vegetable oil, mix with chicken yolk, tablespoon of milk and several drops of juice of lemon. Put on face, wait for minutes 20, carefully wash away.

5. Eyelids will lose unpleasant swelling and puffiness if to make for them cucumber compress. For this purpose small cucumber should be grated on average grater, to wrap kasheobrazny weight in 2 paper towels and to put on eyes. To wash away in ten minutes. The result will please you.

6. After the refreshing procedures are carried out, the turn of day cream comes. Putting it, stroke skin, gently mass it. And then correct complexion by means of easy make-up: powder foundation and blush.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team